Pride's LED Lights

Since 1977, a premier lighting brand and poineer company in India, Pride Electrnics is one of the largest lighting manufacturing and suppliers company. Pride's product development team designs exclusively market-driven and cost-effective LED lights. Pride values innovation as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Higher CRI

High Performance

Cost effective

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For Innovation

We believe in perfect light.
Thus, our research and development team are constantly working on ways to improve current lighting technologies to bring you the best products that will lit up your home. Pride introduces HomeSure, premium quality products that make your home's walls beautiful, strong and everlasting. HomeSure products have been made exclusively for retail, renovation, homes and residential purposes.

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For Street Lights

Think Build, Think Strong – Innovations Leads to Durability
We bring to you Selgluniated Solar street lights, a product which caters and provides solutions at large. A product that helps reduces expenses, beautify the streets, adding value to the township.

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions Pride Electronics deals in various
products for outdoor and indoor lighting Solutions

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What our Clients Say

Great products!

Products from Pride are excellent in performance, efficiency and quality. Good lighting output, efficacy, with good build quality. We will certainly continue to use their products for all our projects.

Customer Friendly Services

We’re extremely pleased to enjoy their customer friendly services and high quality led luminaries. Savings that we are realizing after installing Pride’s products are remunerative for the money spend on the project. We recommend these products for great ambience lighting output in a budget friendly way.

Proud of Pride LED Lighting

Pride LED Lighting is a perfect place for any commercial project. Installing Pride LEDs we’re enjoying a vast improvement in our work environment as well as in our heavy electrical bills overload. Thanks to Pride for taking us one step ahead for a better ambience.